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The four most notable items that set Reynolds Manufacturing apart from other fabricators:

  • Fabrication equipment and machine shop capability
  • ASME and AISC Quality Programs
  • Shop Capacity
  • Flexibility to meet all customer demands


Reynolds has been providing quality fabrication to customers since it was founded in 1947.  Located in the heart of western Pennsylvania, 35 miles east of Pittsburgh, the old fashion, high quality work ethic is alive and well. The combination of a well-equipped shop, dedicated management, and an experienced work force with traditional work ethics has made Reynolds the natural choice for quality, price and outstanding service.



The Winning Combination


Capability .  .  . Quality .  .  . Service .  .  . Delivery



Complete Capability

Reynolds Manufacturing Company has developed a reputation for providing complete fabrication and machining services at our plant in Avonmore, PA.


Quality Assurance programs include ASME and AISC.



Reynolds highly trained and motivated staff stands ready to assist you through every step of your project – large or small.



Reynolds has been servicing the power distribution industries where a late delivery could affect the distribution of electric to homes, business, and industries. We classify late delivers as unacceptable and are committed to meeting tight schedules.







Pressure Vessels


Simple Pipe Tanks with Plate ends, to Rolled Shell Tanks
and Boxed Tanks.




Bridges and Buildings

   From Built up Plate Girders 150' long to Beam and Column
   Building Structures 4+ Stories and up.  Reynolds is equipped
   and Ready.

Machining work


General machining work as related to fabricated weldments and short runs. We are able to develop prototypes, replacement parts and custom work.  Reynolds machines parts that can be lifted by hand, through parts requiring a 40,000 lb. crane capacity.




Job Shop Fabrication


Specialty fabrication of structural and plate steel fabrications. We typically work with 3/16” tk and up material in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, inconels, nickels alloys, and copper & brass alloys.  Jobs range from forming a single plate to complete projects.




Structural Capabilities


Heavy Plate Welding

Plate Girders up to 100 ton.

Built up steel columns




Location:        35 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, PA
                          with easy access to major
                          transportation routes.


Land:              29 Acres


Buildings:       100,000 square feet in two buildings





Consist of two Fabrication bays, Blast room, Office complex, and misc. support rooms (i.e. compressor room, tool room, etc.)


Low Bay:       440’ long x 52’ wide with 16’-8” under hook serviced with one 15 ton crane and one 10 ton crane, and one door 18’ wide x 18’ high.


High Bay:       325’ long x 55’ wide serviced by one 40 Ton crane, one 35 Ton Crane, and one 10 Ton Crane 33’ under hook.  One truck door 21’ wide x 18’-3” high and one truck door 18’ wide x 18’ high.


Blast Room:   32’ long x 16’ high accessible from both bays






Consist of One Fabrication bay on two levels and a machine shop on the third level along with shop offices and misc. support rooms. (I.e. compressor room, tool room, conference room, lunch room, etc.)


Fabrication  Bay:      464’ long x 70’ wide with 20’ to 24’ under hook serviced with two 10 ton cranes.  Five truck doors 18’ wide x 18’ high.


Machine Shop:          160’ long x 70’ wide with one 5 Ton Crane, one loading dock with a 10’ wide x 10’ high door and one 12’ wide x 14’ high.



Forming Equipment


Press Brakes600 ton Pacific Brake capable of bending 20’ of 3/8” plate

                                      (18’-2” between housings)



Cutting Equipment



 Burning :        CNC Hypertherm 2 axis digital control, Able to handle 10’ wide x 100’ long plates. Able to down load from Auto-Cad drawings. Located in Plant #1




Various track burning, Bug-O System, and hand held equipment


Saw:                 Cosen Band saw with power feed and roller

                                    Max Cap         Rounds to 26” Dia.

                                                            Squares to 23” x 23”

                                                            Rectangles 20.5” x 40”



Drilling Equipment



Drill Press:     Cincinnati Bickford radial dill press 19” column
                             6’ arm

                       Giddings & Lewis radial Drill Press 19” column
                             4’ arm


Various portable core drills



Welding and Weld Positioners



Welders:                     Panjaris 750 Amp 14’ high x 125’ of




Welding and Weld Positioners
                   Lincoln welders w/ wire feed welders

                   Miller Multi Power source, with Miller Mig

                   Four Lincoln Tractor welders 600 Amp


                   Flux and Rod Ovens




Miscellaneous Equipment



                                    Pipe threading machine

                                    Hydro test pump



Yard Equipment

            Approx 300,000 sq. ft. active Yard Storage                                 

               Western Star Tractor with Stretch Trailer

               P&H 15 Ton Portable Crane 20’ to 40’ Boom



NDT Equipment


                                    Magnaflux machine M-500 Units

                                    Dead weight gage calibration system






Reynolds Manufacturing Company’s beginnings initiated with an idea within the mind of our founder, Spencer E. Reynolds, that a well-equipped shop with quality personnel would provide quality and service for industries. The idea of providing quality and service has proved a successful combination that has helped the company grow over the past 60 years.

The company has invested and reinvested in facilities and equipment to meet the changing demand of our customers. During the early years, the focus was on steel mill equipment, and pressure vessels for the petroleum and chemical industries. As changes in the industrial base occurred, Reynolds also changed by adding bridge fabrication to our products.

Today, Reynolds Manufacturing is a diverse company with the ability to offer services to many markets. The future will surely bring change and Reynolds will stand ready to meet these opportunities. The fundamental idea of providing service and quality is still in place as the next generation of the Reynolds family is actively involved in the business. The standards and experience passed down from our founder guarantees that Reynolds Manufacturing Co. will continue to deliver superior quality and unsurpassed service at the right price.





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